GM Shawn Gallagher

Grandmaster Shawn Gallagher began his martial arts journey in the early 1970's at the "United Studios of Self Defense" located in Brockton, MA. At the age of sixteen he showed much promise and soon became one of the school's top students. GM Gallagher, shortly after achieving black belt, became a full-contact fighter. Additionally, GM Gallagher became one of the top ranked tournament fighters in the country. Shawn Gallagher is recognized as a 10th degree black belt, in Chinese Kempo, by some of the oldest and most respected martial artists in the world. 


Prof. John Hatfield

Professor John Hatfield bowed into his first dojo in 1973. He was a student of Sensei Fredericks for a short time before transferring to the "United Studios of Self Defense" in Brockton, MA. It was there that he met GM Gallagher and started a lifetime student/teacher relationship.  Professor Hatfield has been a student of Chinese Kempo for over four decades. In the past Professor Hatfield was an active boxing and kickboxing competitor. He is recognized as an 8th degree black belt in Chinese Kempo. He will always remain under the tutelage of GM Gallagher and pass his lineage down to others.

Tristan B

Sensei Bowman started his training at BMA in 1998 about a month before his 16th birthday.  Three years later he earned his black belt and became an assistant instructor. In 2006, he earned his Sensei title, and in 2015 he was awarded his 4th degree black belt (Yondan).


The solitary nature of Kempo karate is what keeps Sensei Bowman engaged in the sport after so many years--success is based entirely on a student’s dedication and drive as well as their ability to listen and incorporate knowledge and feedback from instructors.  Sensei Bowman’s lifelong love of all martial arts stems from his desire to keep growing and learning and to pass his knowledge down to future generations of students.


Sensei Bowman’s martial arts background served him well when he was deployed to Iraq by the US Army in 2004.  Currently, he works in law enforcement.


Brian Becquart

Mr. Becquart started his martial journey at the age of eight until he went to college. He returned to Chinese Kempo as an adult and stated, "I have enjoyed every moment in the dojo." "It has been a pleasure to train in a traditional dojo like Bridgewater Martila Arts". Sensei Brian studied under Fred Shane until his unfortunate departure and then started a relationship with Professor Hatfield. Sensei Brian is recognized as a 3rd degree and is a marvelous teacher and leader. We here at our dojo are fortunate to have him in our ranks.

Steven McDonough

Mr. McDonough has been a member of Bridgewater Martial Arts since the age of five. He has recently achieved a 3rd degree black belt and become a part time instructor at our dojo. He has turned into a marvelous role model and is attending a local college. Sensei McDonough is a member of the local Honor Society and rightfully deserves the recognition. Aside from his empty hand skills Steven is proficient in the bo staff and teaches our bo kata with the utmost detail.


Alexa Becquart

Ms. Becquart has been a student of Chinese Kempo for almost eleven years. She first started her studies in Stoughton under Sensei Fred Shane. Sensei Becquart has recently been promoted to 3rd degree Blackbelt and has started as an instructor in our dojo. It has been my pleasure, for the last three years, to have her as a student. Like most young adults, from our school, she continues her education at a local college. We here, at BMA, have a bright future with such young and vibrant teachers like her.

Jonathan Thorn

Mr. Thorn became a student of Chinese Kempo eight years ago in Stoughton. Over three years ago, he started training under Professor John Hatfield at Bridgewater Martial Arts. He has recently earned his 2nd degree Black belt and has been instructing at Bridgewater Martial Arts since 2018.